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AlwaysFree: Martin Bencher Further Integrating with Maersk


According to the company’s website news release on May 10, 2023, on our journey to offering you truly integrated end-to-end logistics, Maersk is further integrating Martin Bencher into Maersk. We are now writing to give you an update on this.

Commencing on 10 May 2023, Martin Bencher entities will use the visual brand identity of Maersk. All visual aspects of Martin Bencher, including transport and transactional documents, and physical components, including assets, locations, and offices, will now bear Maersk’s visual brand identity. Additionally, this means that the Martin Bencher website now leads directly to, where you can find solutions to your supply chain questions and needs.

What does the further integration mean for you as a Martin Bencher customer:

The rebranding will have no impact to your agreements and/or contracts. They will remain the same. As Martin Bencher are further integrating with Maersk, the visual brand identity of Martin Bencher is being phased out and you will now interact with the visual brand identity of Maersk. This means that billing, as in the case of transport and transactional documentation, will now bear the visual brand identity of Maersk, all matters pertaining to legal entity, including invoicing, will continue to be controlled by the respective Martin Bencher legal entities, and will stay the same as you have been using prior to 10 May 2023. When the legal entity you are contracting with would be changing, we will ensure to inform you in a timely manner so you can adjust your records if necessary. Should you have any further questions on the integration of Martin Bencher with Maersk, please click here.

Important for you: Your Martin Bencher representatives have become a part of Maersk and can be contacted at the same email address as you reached them at prior to the integration. Martin Bencher project logistics capabilities have now become a part of Maersk Project Logistics, who is fully equipped to handle all you project logistics needs.

Please note that the bank accounts of Martin Bencher remain open, and therefore, all payments after 10 May 2023 should continue to be paid to the bank account of the legal entity (Martin Bencher) as specified on the invoices, as the legal entities of Martin Bencher remain in place until further notice.

Should further changes impact you in other ways, such as changes to your contact person, we will contact you and inform you of changes in a timely manner.

We appreciate the partnership we have enjoyed with you as Martin Bencher and look forward to continuing to assist you on all matters pertaining to your logistical needs as Maersk and Maersk project Logistics.

Should you have any further questions, please contact your usual contact with the company. Our customer experience and commercial teams are always available to support should you need assistance.

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Published on May 26, 2023 4:05 PM (GMT+8)
Last Updated on May 26, 2023 4:05 PM (GMT+8)