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DailySSESSMENTS: SEA PE Price 8th July 2020


- A trader in Vietnam revealed to SSESSMENTS.COM that import HDPE Film of Saudi origin and LLDPE Film C4 of Saudi and India origin remained unchanged from last week’s level. Offers for import Saudi HDPE Film available at $910/ton. While for LLDPE Film C4, the offers for Saudi origin stand at $910/ton and $850/ton for Indian cargoes. All import offers are on LC at sight, CIF Vietnam main port basis. Further added by the trader, offers and demand for PE in the country is rather limited this week. Buyers prefer to wait to observe the sustainability of the uptrend on PE prices in China after seeing the increases of LLDPE futures market. Buying sentiment would start to improve if the uptrend lasts for some time. Moreover, the rainy season also dampens buying appetite. On the supply front, delayed shipment reported for India Haldia’s PE cargoes. The cargoes were supposed to arrive in June, however, delayed for a month. 

- Whereas in Indonesia, a woven bag manufacturer in Medan informed SSESSMENTS.COM that allocation for localized HDPE Film of Southeast Asia origin from the biggest local trading house in the country remains tight to the Medan market. The  trader has no offers for HDPE Film. For localized LLDPE Film C4 of Southeast Asia origin, the offers from the trader’s end increased by IDR550,000/ton ($38/ton) as compared to last week’s level. Further added, the converter has no intention to procure materials on the back of sufficient inventory on hand. Demand-wise, demand for the converter’s end product is still ongoing in Medan. While looking to the end of the year, the converter foresees that demand will only reach 75-80% from the usual due to the pandemic issues. 

ProductPrice (USD)TermsChanges From Previous Trading Day (USD)
Brent43.08September Settlement-0.02
NYMEX40.62August Settlement-0.01
Naphtha395CFR Japan1
Ethylene837-845CFR NEA-9 to -11
Ethylene767-775CFR SEA-9 to -11
Propylene812-820CFR China5
Propylene762-770FOB Korea5

HDPE Film, on cash/credit term, FD basis, excluding VAT (except PHP term includes 12% VAT, all equivalent in USD excludes VAT)

OriginCurrencyOffers/tonEquivalent in USD/ton
Southeast AsiaIDR14,600,000*1,012
Description: *Offers on 30 days credit term

LDPE Film, on cash/credit term, FD basis, excluding VAT

OriginCurrencyOffers/tonEquivalent in USD/ton
Description: *Offers on 30 days credit term

LLDPE Film C4, on cash/credit term, FD basis, excluding VAT (except PHP term includes 12% VAT, VND includes 10% VAT, all equivalent in USD excludes VAT)

OriginCurrencyOffers/tonEquivalent in USD/ton
Southeast AsiaIDR14,800,000-15,450,000*1,026-1,071
Description: *Offers on 30 days credit term

Import on LC at sight, CIF Southeast Asia main port basis

OriginProductOffers (USD/ton)
Far East AsiaHDPE Film900
Middle EastHDPE Film880-920*
North AmericaHDPE Film920*-930
Southeast AsiaHDPE Film900
Middle EastLDPE Film960
Southeast AsiaLDPE Film920-980
Indian SubcontinentLLDPE Film C4850
Middle EastLLDPE Film C4850-920
North AmericaLLDPE Film C4820-880*
Southeast AsiaLLDPE Film C4850-920
Description: *shipment from Singapore/Malaysia

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Published on July 8, 2020 12:02 PM (GMT+8)
Last Updated on July 8, 2020 12:02 PM (GMT+8)