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NewsSSESSMENTS: Review Of Southeast Asia LLDPE Film C4 Market Week 27, June 29-July 3


  • Middle East origin $850-920/ton
  • Southeast Asia origin $860-930/ton
  • North America origin $810-850/ton

Comments by market players on LLDPE Film C4 market as follows:

“We received offers for LLDPE Film C4 from a Canadian producer at $830/ton on LC at sight, CIF Indonesia main port basis. The offers are unworkable,” an Indonesian trader commented to SSESSMENTS.COM.

“July shipment offers from Kuwait surfaced with increments of $100/ton on a monthly comparison. We managed to conclude deals for LLDPE Film C4 at $10/ton lower than the initial offer level, at $850/ton on LC at sight, CIF Indonesia main port basis,” an Indonesian converter informed.

“Import offers for LLDPE Film C4 cargoes from the Middle East increased by $20/ton from last week,” another Indonesian trader reported.

“Our offers for LLDPE Film C4 of Thailand origin to Indonesia remain stable compared to last week,” a global trading house told SSESSMENTS.COM.

“We offered LLDPE Film C4 cargoes of Philippines origin to Indonesia at quite competitive levels, between $920-930/ton on LC at sight, CFR Indonesia main port basis. However, since the offers are for August shipment, buyers show little interest in the offers. Most buyers asked for prompt delivery cargoes,” a regional trader informed.

“Import LLDPE Film C4 offers are high this week. Offers from the leading Saudi polyolefins producer increased by $10/ton from last week,” a Vietnamese trader reported to SSESSMENTS.COM.

“We placed bids for LLDPE Film C4 from the leading Saudi polyolefins producer at $890/ton on LC at sight, CIF Vietnam main port basis or $40/ton lower than the initial offer level. We are still waiting for the response. If the bids are rejected, we will source locally,” a Vietnamese converter stated.

“We are offering Saudi LLDPE Film C4 at $870/ton on LC at sight, CIF main port basis to Cambodia and Malaysia. The offers are $10/ton higher than our sell idea last week. Buyers placed bids at $30/ton lower than the initial offer level, but we are unwilling to negotiate. Eventually, deals were concluded at the initial offer level,” a Singapore-based trader revealed to SSESSMENTS.COM.

“Our offers to the Southeast Asia market are between $30-50/ton higher than last week. Offers for LLDPE Film C4 stood at $930/ton on LC at sight, CIF Southeast Asia main port basis,” a Thai trader reported.

“A Middle Eastern PE producer is no longer offering July shipment cargoes this week since all the allocation has been sold out last week. Customers are still asking for cargoes, but supply is tight. Deals concluded by the producer last week for LLDPE Film C4 were $20/ton higher compared to deals in the week commencing June 15,” market sources informed.

“Offers for LLDPE Film C4 from the Middle East and the U.S stand between $840-850/ton on LC at sight, CIF Myanmar main port basis. Supply for LLDPE Film C4 with additives from Southeast Asian suppliers is tight,” a trader in Myanmar informed SSESSMENTS.COM.

Transactions for import LLDPE Film C4 between June 29 to July 3 on LC at sight

OriginTransaction TypeOffers (USD/ton)Delivery TermDelivery Country
Far East AsiaOffer Received920CIFVietnam
Indian SubcontinentOffer Received840-850CIFVietnam
Middle EastOffer Given870CIFCambodia
Middle EastBid Received840CIFCambodia
Middle EastSold870CIFCambodia
Middle EastOffer Given870CIFIndonesia
Middle EastOffer Received860-900**CIFIndonesia
Middle EastPurchased850CIFIndonesia
Middle EastOffer Given870CIFMalaysia
Middle EastBid Received840CIFMalaysia
Middle EastSold870CIFMalaysia
Middle EastOffer Received840-850CIFMyanmar
Middle EastPrice List910-930CIFPhilippines
Middle EastOffer Received920CIFSoutheast Asia
Middle EastPurchased900-920CIFThailand
Middle EastOffer Received880-930*CIFVietnam
Middle EastBid Given870*-900*CIFVietnam
Middle EastPurchased855-885CIFVietnam
Middle EastSold870-910*CIFVietnam
North AmericaSold850CIFCambodia
North AmericaOffer Received810**-850CIFIndonesia
North AmericaOffer Received820***CIFIndonesia
North AmericaSold900*CIFIndonesia
North AmericaSold850CIFMalaysia
North AmericaOffer Received840-850CIFMyanmar
Southeast AsiaOffer Given870-930CIFIndonesia
Southeast AsiaOffer Given920**-930**CFRIndonesia
Southeast AsiaOffer Received860-920**CIFIndonesia
Southeast AsiaOffer Given930CIFSoutheast Asia
Southeast AsiaOffer Received860CIPVietnam
Description: * Shipped from Singapore/Malaysia ** End July/August shipment *** on LC 90 days

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Published on July 6, 2020 1:41 PM (GMT+8)
Last Updated on July 6, 2020 1:41 PM (GMT+8)