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NewsSSESSMENTS: Review Of Southeast Asia LLDPE Film C4 Market Week 26, June 22-26


Comments by market players on LLDPE Film C4 market as follows:

“We received LLDPE Film C4 at $890/ton from a Southeast Asian producer, in which the producer informed that the prices are firm as their side is ready with cargoes while their competitor is plagued by supply problems. Customers are not interested in taking these cargoes as compared to other origins, citing that a deal for US origin LLDPE Film C4 achieved at $800/ton for the shipment directly from US,” an Indonesian converter shared with SSESSMENTS.COM on June 22.

“This week, we increased LLDPE Film C4 offers to Indonesia by $10/ton as compared to last week. Even so, response from buyers remains cold with deals not yet achieved so far. For LLDPE Film C4, our supply is very limited due to the upcoming maintenance shutdown on July 20 until August 8, with the estimated time of arrival in early August,” a Thai PE producer revealed on June 23.

“LLDPE Film C4 offers are still very firm this week from Southeast Asia and the Middle East with both cargoes available at $900/ton-level. These all offers are not workable for buyers as end-product demand is still not too strong. We doubt if deals can be concluded at these levels, in which price could go down coming into July,” a Thai trader informed SSESSMENTS.COM on June 23.

“A Saudi producer is offering July shipment LLDPE Film C4 cargoes at $830/ton, which is $80/ton higher from last month. We have submitted bids at $40/ton lower from the initial offer level. However, the producer responded that the bid level is too low and asked whether offers at $800/ton will be acceptable. As such, we resubmitted bids at $800/ton, yet no response from the producer so far,” a Malaysian converter told on June 24.

“In Malaysia, buyers can't really accept import offers more than $800/ton-level for LLDPE Film C4 at the moment. We can add that in Cambodia, customers also complain that these prices are too high, but they still buy on a hand to mouth basis. Looking ahead, the firm trend on LLDPE Film C4 prices will sustain until August. Oil and polymer producers are cutting their output to create some tightness and support the prices. However, it won't be for long because the actual demand for both resins and finished product is still weak. Moreover, many Southeast Asian producers will run at full capacity again, hence LLDPE Film C4 price should be moving down,” a global trading house shared with SSESSMENTS.COM on June 25.

“From import, LLDPE Film C4 from the Middle East offered at $880-890/ton, an increase of between $70-90/ton compared to last month. Deals were concluded at around $860-870/ton. Meanwhile, a South Korean producer offered LLDPE Film C4 at $880/ton, an increase of $110/ton from last month as supply from the producer remains tight,” a Vietnamese trader informed on June 25.

Transactions for import LLDPE Film C4 between June 22 to June 26 on LC at sight, CIF/CIP Main Port basis

OriginTransaction TypeOffers (USD/ton)Delivery TermDelivery Country
Far East AsiaOffer Received880-890CIFVietnam
North AmericaBid Received800CIFIndonesia
North AmericaOffer Given830CIFIndonesia
North AmericaOffer Received820-830CIFIndonesia
North AmericaPurchased800CIFIndonesia
North AmericaOffer Received820-840CIFPhilippines
North AmericaOffer Given830CIFVietnam
North AmericaOffer Received870CIFVietnam
Middle EastSell Idea860CIFCambodia
Middle EastBid Given820-830CIFIndonesia
Middle EastOffer Given850CIFIndonesia
Middle EastOffer Received810-850CIFIndonesia
Middle EastPurchased810-850CIFIndonesia
Middle EastBid Given790-800CIFMalaysia
Middle EastOffer Received830CIFMalaysia
Middle EastSell Idea860CIFMalaysia
Middle EastOffer Received920CIFPhilippines
Middle EastOffer Received920-950CIFThailand
Middle EastOffer Given850-870CIFVietnam
Middle EastOffer Received850-905CIFVietnam
Middle EastOffer Received880-930CIPVietnam
Middle EastPurchased860-870CIFVietnam
Southeast AsiaOffer Given870-930CIFIndonesia
Southeast AsiaOffer Received860-920CIFIndonesia
Southeast AsiaSold870-920CIFIndonesia
Southeast AsiaSell Idea900CIFSoutheast Asia
Southeast AsiaOffer Given900CIFVietnam

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Published on June 29, 2020 12:33 PM (GMT+8)
Last Updated on June 29, 2020 12:44 PM (GMT+8)