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NewsSSESSMENTS: Offers For Thai PE Cargoes Surfaced With Adjustments, Availability In Asian Countries Varies


Market sources reported to SSESSMENTS.COM that offers for Thai PE cargoes surfaced with adjustments in some Asian countries and the offers’ availability in the countries varies. In the China market, offers for HDPE Film and HDPE Pipe (PE 100) from a Thai PE increased between $20-30/ton and $30-40/ton, respectively compared to last week. Offers for LDPE Film and LLDPE Film C4 from the producer to China were absent this week.

Similarly, some traders in Vietnam informed SSESSMENTS.COM that offers for LDPE Film and LLDPE Film C4 of Thailand origin from their ends were unavailable. Some others managed to get offers and secured deals for limited LDPE Film cargoes from suppliers at $950/ton on LC at sight, CIF Vietnam main port basis. The offer level was $10/ton higher than two weeks ago. As for HDPE Film, direct offers from a Thai PE producer to the country were adjusted up by $20/ton compared to a fortnight ago. Meanwhile, offers for the same product via traders remain stable compared to last week, still at $910/ton with the same payment and delivery terms. For HDPE Yarn, market players reported that the latest deals were $100/ton higher than the last deals.

In the Indonesia market, offers for Thai LLDPE Film C4 remain available although the allocation from a Thai PE producer is limited stemming from the upcoming maintenance. Besides, the pending cargoes from the producer have arrived, thus, the availability on traders’ end is quite high. Pertaining to the changes on offers, SSESSMENTS.COM was told that offers for HDPE Film cargoes from Thailand went up by $10/ton. Similarly, offers for LDPE Film and LLDPE Film C4 of the same origin also increased $10-40/ton and $10-30/ton, respectively. Offers for mLLDPE C6 of the same origin increased by $20/ton. All were on a weekly comparison.

Import PE offers on LC at sight, CIF main port basis

OriginProductTransaction TypeOffers (USD/ton)Delivery Country
ThailandHDPE FilmOffer Given930China
ThailandHDPE FilmOffer Received930China
ThailandHDPE Pipe (PE 100)Offer Given960China
ThailandHDPE Pipe (PE 100)Offer Received960-970China
ThailandHDPE Blow MouldingOffer Given870Indonesia
ThailandHDPE InjectionOffer Given870Indonesia
ThailandHDPE FilmOffer Given870-920Indonesia
ThailandHDPE FilmOffer Received900-930Indonesia
ThailandHDPE YarnOffer Given870Indonesia
ThailandLDPE FilmOffer Given930-970Indonesia
ThailandLDPE FilmOffer Received910-920Indonesia
ThailandLLDPE Film C4Offer Given870-930Indonesia
ThailandLLDPE Film C4Offer Received890-920Indonesia
ThailandLLDPE Film C4Sold920Indonesia
ThailandmLLDPE C6Offer Given920Indonesia
ThailandHDPE FilmOffer Given910Vietnam
ThailandHDPE FilmOffer Received880Vietnam
ThailandHDPE FilmSold910Vietnam
ThailandHDPE YarnPurchased870Vietnam
ThailandLDPE FilmOffer Received950Vietnam
ThailandLDPE FilmPurchased950Vietnam

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Published on June 25, 2020 5:28 PM (GMT+8)
Last Updated on June 25, 2020 6:49 PM (GMT+8)